English to Bengali Translation

Communicating with other cultures can be tricky. English to Bengali translation can be especially tricky. The Bengali language uses different sentence structures and letters than languages derived from Germanic languages. Whether you’re learning Bengali to communicate with business associates or because you’re studying abroad, find out how to translate English to Bengali easily — without hiring a translator. 

Bengali Language

Bengali (also called Bangla) is a language spoken throughout South Asia in Bangladesh, West Bengal, and Lower Asam. It is spoken widely throughout the area and is the second-most important language in South Asia — second only to Hindi. 265 million people across the world speak Bengali; 228 million of those people speak the language as their first language. It’s the seventh most-spoken language in the world.

English to Bengali Translation

Translating Bengali to English is trickier than with some other languages. 


Like in the English language, Bengali doesn’t use grammatical gender; though, the sentence structure differs from English as it utilizes a subject, object, verb structure instead of a subject, verb, object structure.


Bengali words originate from Tatsama, Tadbhaba, Avahațțha, Bideshi, and Desi or Khnati words. Students of the language may recognize some English words that are derived from the above languages. 


Trying to learn Bengali online? We recommend using machine translation software that can easily translate via voice or text, such as the Vocre app, available on Google Play for Android or the Apple Store for iOS. 


Software such as Google Translate or Microsoft’s language learning app doesn’t offer the same English translation accuracy as paid apps. 


Bengali Dictionary

The Bengali (or Bangla) alphabet is based on the Bengali/Assamese script and used in the Bengali language. 


Unlike the English dictionary, the Bengali dictionary has more than 150,000 words. The alphabet has 28 letters that are completely different than letters derived from Germanic languages. 

Bengali Translators

English Bengali translators can often charge upwards of $50 an hour. When it comes to the translation of manuscripts, large texts, and medical records, the steep fee is totally worth paying. But what if you need an English translator for personal reasons or to simply help you learn Bengali? 


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