Good Morning in Tamil

Tamil is spoken primarily in India and Sri Lanka. Find out how to say good morning in Tamil and learn about this Dravidian language — especially if you want to translate Tamil greetings for business, school, or travel.

Tamil is spoken by 77 million people in the world, including 68 million people who speak it as a first language and 9 million people who speak it as a second language.


In the U.S., 250,000 people speak this language. There are pockets of Tamil speakers in California, Texas, and New Jersey.

How to Say Good Morning in Tamil

Across the globe, people say good morning when they want to greet someone first thing in the morning (and sometimes it can be used anytime before evening!), to say hello, or to acknowledge a passerby.


To say good morning in Tamil, you’d say, “Kālai vaṇakkam!”


The English-to-Tamil translation of kālai is morning, and vaṇakkam means greetings; so, the literal translation of kālai vaṇakkam is morning greetings!


If you wanted to write this phrase, you’d do so like this: காலை வணக்கம். 


You can also just use vaṇakkam as a greeting — without even bringing kālai into the sentence! In India, people don’t really say good morning; they simply say, “Greetings.” 

Kālai Vaṇakkam Pronunciation

Want to learn how to pronounce kālai vaṇakkam? Just say, “Kah-lee vah-nah-kum.” 


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Tamil Language: A History

The Tamil language comes from the Dravidian family of languages (70 languages spoken mostly in  Southeast Indian and Sri Lanka)


You’ll find the largest populations of Tamil speakers in Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. It is the official language of Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Puducherry (an Indian union).


Tamil is an Indian classical language and a scheduled language of the Indian Consitution and is one of the oldest languages in the world!


The language is also spoken in the following countries around the world:


  • Fiji
  • Malaysia
  • Mauritius
  • Puducherry (Pondicherry)
  • Singapore 
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Tamil Nadu

Tamil Dialects

The dialects of Tamil include:


  • Batticaloa Tamil
  • Central Tamil
  • Jaffna Tamil
  • Kongu Tamil
  • Kumari Tamil
  • Madras Bashai
  • Madurai Tamil
  • Negombo Tamil
  • Nellai Tamil
  • Sankethi


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