Mellores aplicacións de viaxes para viaxes de última hora

Need to get going in a hurry? Sometimes the best things in life happen when you don’t expect them. What’s not fun? Making last-minute travel plans. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best travel apps for last-minute travel — to ensure you get to and around your destination without a hitch.

Best Travel Apps #1: Language Translation for Last-Minute Travel

Sometimes there’s just no time to learn a new language before hitting the road. Whеn last-minute travel strikes, we got you covered with these travel apps.


Best Free App for Last-Minute Travel: Vocre

Vocre is perfect for looking up words and phrases on the go. Can’t remember how to sayhello’ in other languages? How about frases comúns ao español? You don’t need to when you can simply type in the word and get an immediate translation. You can even lookup languages off-line, which is key when you don’t have cell service or internet access in your destination.

Want to learn more about a language? Check out our easy tips for learning a new language.



Best Travel Apps #2: Discount Flights

When it comes to last-minute travel one thing is for sure: it’s not easy to find a cheap flight. Por sorte, we know of a couple of apps that make booking your flight a little easier — and if there’s a deal out there, they’ll find it!



If you have a little wiggle room in your departure date, check out FlightHopper. This app can tell you the best dates to travel (based on price) as well as if you should buy (based on your date) or wait for a better price.



We love using SkyScanner to find cheap flights! This app is super easy to use and often has some of the most up-to-date info regarding budget travel. They also are known for posting ‘secret’ flight deals from time to time.



Kayak is an oldie but a goodie. You can search for deals on flights, cars and hotels on this app. No matter if you’re booking a trip in advance or need to book something last minute, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best price on the internet — especially if you choose to see prices on Hotline and Expedia, tamén.

Best Travel Apps #3: Aloxamento, Hotels and Airbnb

It’s not always easy to get a room at the last minute. Hotels are a little more do-able, but home shares and home exchanges can be extremely difficult to secure only a day or two before you leave. For that reason, we have excluded VRBO from this list (though we love this app for planned travel). The following apps all cater to the last-minute booker.



Sometimes there’s just no time to learn a new language before hitting the road. But what do you do when you need a few frases comúns chinesas? Whеn last-minute travel strikes, we got you covered with these travel apps.

ícona has deals with pretty much every major hotel chain in the world. It’s easy to find a deal (even a last-minute deal) on this app. You can book online or directly on the app. The best part is that they have a loyalty program that allows guests a free night’s stay after staying 10 nights through stays booked on their app!



HotelsTonight specializes in last-minute hotel bookings. De feito, waiting to book until the last minute can actually save you money when booking with HotelsTonight. They secure last-minute deals with hotels that have empty rooms and pass the savings on to you.


Home Exchange

Home Exchange websites used to be pretty rare. There were only a few out there — and most of their apps had poor user experiences. Estes días, Home Exchange has made it easy to book last-minute exchanges with your points or by booking a reciprocal exchange. You get 1,300 points just for signing up and completing your information intake form. You can then use those points as cash to stay in homes around the world or place your home online for a reciprocal exchange (someone stays in your home at the exact same time you stay in theirs). Many homes are now available for last-minute bookings. We were able to book an apartment in Seattle only a few weeks before a trip this summer!

Best Travel Apps #4: Rideshare/Getting Around

Rideshare apps have become relatively popular in the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. They make getting in and around a destination extremely easy — even if you don’t know the local language!



Uber is by far the biggest rideshare app on the market right now. They are in countries all over the world. You can usually bet that Uber will be available in nearly any destination. Aínda que, it doesn’t hurt to look up tips and tricks on taking Uber in foreign countries as the rules can vary by destination.



This rideshare app is only available right now in the U.S. but is a nice alternative to Uber. If Uber’s fees look too high at any given time, check Lyft’s to see if there’s a better deal.



Didi is an app from China that’s been making the rounds. It’s a cheaper alternative to Uber in many countries (other than the U.S.).



If you’re planning on renting a car, don’t forget to download Waze. This app can help you avoid speeding tickets and find alternate routes when traffic abounds.

Best Travel Apps #5: Maps/Public Transit



Google Maps is by far the best map app and the best app for public transportation around the world. While some apps might trump Google Maps in certain cities, it’s by far the best worldwide app for getting around. Just remember that even Google is fallible — don’t follow directions so closely you end up on an airplane runway.

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